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Everything Salsa
The flavour-packed condiment that can be turned into dips, dressings and marinades. With its origins in salsa verde, French sauce verte, or South American chimichurri, its future is endless.

Chilli Lime Crumb – watch this now!
A spicy, zesty flavoured salt that adds a kick to everything from fruit to prawns to mayonnaise.

In Korea, it’s not a meal unless there’s kimchi. Learn how to make the fermented vegetable condiment you’ll want to put on everything.


Chlorophyll Paste & Smoothie
I love chlorophyll because it’s fun to make and really good to drink – or eat! Learn how to use the heating and stirring properties of the Thermomix to make chlorophyll paste, then enjoy it in a healthy smoothie.

Lemon Bomb Smoothie
Adelaide chef Jock Zonfrillo is a big advocate for indigenous Australian ingredients, used with respect and innovation at his restaurant Orana. He’s also a big Thermomix fan both in the restaurant and at home and he shares his family’s formula for an exciting new spin on a green smoothie.

Chai Porridge 
With this oat mixture on hand you’re only 6 minutes away from a fabulous breakfast. Two types of ginger and gentle spicing gives this porridge a warming and sustaining boost.

Salted Caramel Peanut Butter Smoothie
This dairy-free smoothie recipe is Jo ‘Quirky Cooking’ Whitton’s short cut to tasty indulgence. Have it for breakfast or a nourishing and filling snack.

Corn Custard with Chicken Congee
Chef Victor Liong’s Chinese rice porridge is served with a single-ingredient savoury custard – it’s almost magically surprising and is comforting for breakfast or supper.

Matcha Smoothie Bowl
A quick, easy and healthy breakfast that also works as a jarred meal on the go. The goodness of oats, nuts and chia seeds and a green boost from spinach and matcha, as well as Japanese green tea powder.

Black Rice Pudding
The breakfast that sets the tone for a sunshiny day, using black rice and coconut milk to create a tropical breakfast that you could also eat for dessert.

Breakfast Curd with Toasted Grains
A nourishing bowl-set breakfast curd (like a fresh cheese) served with figs, honey-toasted nuts and grains from chef Jesse Gerner.

Coconut Flour Pancakes with Blueberry Syrup – watch this now!
A gluten-free, grain-free and dairy-free pancake recipe from Jo ‘Quirky Cooking’ Whitton. Oh, it’s delicious too!

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Frosé –
watch this now!
It’s pink, it’s slushy, it’s wine and it’s fruit. It’s frozen rosé, aka fro-zay baby! This is the drink of the summer and it’s so easy to make in your Thermomix. (And if you’re watching this in the northern hemisphere, it’s the drink to make you look forward to next summer!)

Watermelon Smash
With this sparky syrup on hand, you’re only one minute from fabulous refreshing fizz whenever the moment seems ripe. I also share an easy and adaptable pickle for watermelon rind and ginger.

Casa Daiquiri
Chef Jesse Gerner tricks up a rum and lime daiquiri with aromatic vermouth, giving the cocktail a herbaceous lift.

Peach Margarita
This delicious Peach Margarita has the consistency of a granita and the punch of a prizefighter.

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Pierogies & Pretzels 
Two recipes from Grant Achatz, the legendary US chef who brought us edible balloons: dark, fluffy pretzels and golden, crisp pierogies. Both are lovely and best eaten with hot mustard.

Lettuce Sauce & Oysters 
Albert Adria is one of the giants of modern cuisine – along with his brother Ferran he ran El Bulli restaurant, the game-changing home of molecular gastronomy and an inspiration to many of the world’s top chefs. I caught up with him at a Gastronomy Congress where he shared tips, insights and a simple soup to serve with oysters.

Cheesy Quinoa Bites 
Alice Zaslavsky’s enthusiasm for healthy, easy, veg-packed food really shines through in this video. These Bites are easy, flexible and freeze well.

Rice Crackers 
Don’t you love making things that everyone else buys? That’s just one of the joys of these crisp and flavoursome crackers, made with an interesting mixture of raw and cooked rice, and painted with a sweet-salt glaze.

Beetroot, Pear & Pomegranate Salad 
Pomegranate deseeding wizardry is the beginning of this easy recipe, which ends up as a fresh and herby salad. Beetroot coleslaw was one of the first things I saw made in the Thermomix and it totally rocked my world. I love that 2-second chop and stir!

Fried Calamari with Chipotle Mayonnaise
We start with a basic mayonnaise recipe then flavour it with smoked Mexican chillies. After that, we clean and cook calamari – it’s so good with this mayo.

Vadouvan Mussels 
A warming French curry powder becomes the flavour base for an easy and elegant seafood entrée. 

Avocado Sorbet 
A quick and easy savoury sorbet that works as a palate cleanser, refreshing snack or jazzy rice bowl topping. Try it with oysters!

BBQ Prawn Kofte Salad
A fresh and funky seafood summer salad from Shane Delia. These grilled prawn kofte are partnered with funky basturma (air-dried beef) and purslane but you can just as easily use prosciutto and baby spinach – I love the flexibility of this salad!

Ginger Duck with Steamed Bao & Crispy Duck Skin
Inspired by sauce running down my elbow at Momofuku in New York, the creation of these steamed bao for Thermomix has been a tasty victory. The bao are fluffy fold-over pouches and they’re filled with ginger-marinated duck, fresh vegetables, a lusciously punchy sauce and shatter-crisp duck skin.

Cauliflower Hummus with Spiced Beef
Chef Shane Delia’s fancy roasted cauliflower hummus pairs brilliantly with sauteed spiced beef mince.

Steamed Oysters with Ginger and Spring Onion Oils
Chef Victor Liong takes a classic Cantonese flavour profile and turns it into two flavoured oils that will give sparkle and surprise to countless Chinese dishes.

Steamed Corn with Spicy Allioli – watch this now!
A killer corn snack from chef Jesse Gerner. Steamed corn is coated in butter, sprinkled with dried corn and laid over a bed of luscious allioli (that’s a Spanish version of aioli or mayo, folks!)

White Garlic Soup with Seafood
Join me in San Sebastian, Spain, where Basque chef Juan Carlos Caro makes a traditional soup with vegetables from his own garden.

Goma Dofu
Tofu in the Thermomix? Yes! This sesame tofu has smooth texture and subtle flavour, as well as being gluten-free and vegan.

Pear Coleslaw with Pear Vinaigrette
The first time I saw a 2-second Thermomix coleslaw I quivered with excitement. How could something so good be so easy? I’m always looking for twists on classics and that’s how I came up with this delicious pear coleslaw.

Egg Fu Yong
Brilliant chef Ben Shewry cooks a comforting and creative savoury egg custard with a crunchy chicken and herb topping.

Pumpkin Soup with Virtual Bacon Dust
The Pumpkin Soup method is interesting but it’s the Virtual Bacon Dust that is the real thrill in this George Calombaris recipe. It tastes just like bacon, but no pigs were harmed in its creation. Just three ingredients lead to a mind-bending taste explosion.

Scallop Mousseline with Lemon Caper Sauce
Sweet scallops turned into a fluffy cloud! This is a fancy dinner party dish that’s easy to make in the Varoma. It’s a lovely way to begin a French-inspired dinner party.

Strawberry Gazpacho with Tomato, Basil and Goat’s Cheese Salad
A fresh and fruity take on the traditional chilled tomato soup – watch me race the soup as I make a salad. Recipe by Portuguese chef Henrique Sa Pessoa.

Come with me to San Sebastian, Spain, where chef Ruben Trincado makes a modern version of a Basque fisherman’s stew with tuna and potatoes.

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Pan-Roasted John Dory with Bay Leaf Oil & Sugar Snap Peas 

Top chef Phil Wood shares a versatile and fragrant herb oil to dress up a 30-minute meal. I’ve used it with a fish fillet but it’s incredibly versatile, as you’ll discover.

Palak Paneer 
This vegetarian curry is an Indian classic. ‘Palak‘ means spinach and ‘paneer’ is fresh cheese made from curdled milk. I love this dish for the fun of making ghee and paneer and because we can appreciate the way Indian cooking cleverly layers flavour. Oh and, of course, because it’s so tasty!

Inside-out Chicken Parmigiana – watch this now!
An impressive but easy chicken dish, with classic pub flavours and a little extra pizzazz. It’s easy to prepare ahead, then finish off when guests arrive or the family is clamouring.

Zhoug & Salmon Salad 
I love a big meal-sized salad! Flavoured with green chilli paste, this steamed salmon salad is healthy, flexible and easy to prepare.

Salmon & Rockling Poke with Furikake
Poke is a casual Hawaiian seafood salad, served over sushi rice and often topped with furikake, a delicious and versatile condiment.

Cherry Pasta
During a trip to Italy, I spent the day with talented Michelin-starred chef Lorenzo Cogo. His delicate and inspired dish is a pretty assembly of cherry-flavoured pasta, pickled watermelon and ‘sea spaghetti’.

Gang Prik with Steamed Chicken 
Melbourne based Thai chef, Pla Liamthong‘s southern Thai curry paste can be used in stir-fries, jungle curries and (as here) in an unconventional coconut curry with chicken, bamboo shoots and – what? – chick peas. Pla’s message is: don’t worry too much about authenticity, use what you’ve got and keep life simple and delicious

Gang Prik with Stir Fried Kangaroo 
If you’ve got Pla Liamthong’s Gang Prik curry paste in the freezer, you are five minutes away from dinner, in this case a kangaroo stir fry. Chef Pla thinks Thai curries are fantastic with kangaroo – she’s a non-traditional cook who thinks ease and flavour are way more important than playing by the rules.

Cauliflower Rice 
Perfect as a vegetarian main course and just as good as a side dish, my favourite version of Cauliflower Rice is colourful, bountiful and full of flavour.

Kha Nhom Jeen Nam Prik
A warming coconut curry sauce to serve with prawns, rice nooodles and fresh vegetables from Thai chef Pla Liamthong. Soaking the chillies in advance means you get the flavour but the spiciness is dialled right down. This is a kind of ‘training wheels’ curry for Thai kids, building their tolerance to chilli without blasting their taste buds with spice.

Boeuf a la Ficelle
This classic French peasant dish is simple and clean and presents elegantly. The name translates as ‘beef on a string’ because, in the traditional version, the beef fillet is tied and suspended in a pot of simmering stock. Using Thermomix, we can get exactly the same result without any string sorcery.

Chicken Pot Pies
As well as being grain-free, dairy-free and gluten-free these pies from Jo Whitton of ‘Quirky Cooking’ fame are creamy and crispy in all the right places, not to mention wholesome and downright delicious.

Emergency Lentil Soup
Wouldn’t it be good to have a healthy pantry meal always on hand that you could get on the table in 20 minutes? This is that dish. It’s also gluten-free, vegan and super tasty!

Lamb Shank and Barley Casserole
Succulent lamb shanks, the goodness of barley, root veg and greens, and the bright zing of dill oil add up to a sustaining and satisfying stew.

Barolo-braised Beef with Polenta Cremoso
Chef Joseph Vargetto brings us an Italian winner dinner. Red-wine soused beef is caramelised in a pan with mushrooms then Thermomix-braised until it’s melty and succulent.

Thai Beef Ribs with Coconut Rice and Coleslaw
Meat falling off the bone. A rich braising sauce. Coconut rice. A nutty Thai-style coleslaw. This succulent main course is an all-round star.

Pistachio-crusted Lamb Cutlets with Green Tahini Sauce
A crunchy, golden crust encasing juicy and tender lamb, plus healthy grains and a herb-packed sauce: this dish has it all.

Hainanese Chicken and Egg
Chicken is brined, slowly cooked in oil then flashed in a pan. Serve it up and listen to all the swooning people ask you: ‘what on earth did you do to that chicken?’

Lamb Cutlets, Salsa Verde and Lovage Oil
The lamb is delicious but the condiments rocket this dish to a whole other level. Lavish them over chicken, beef, roast vegetables and soup too. An elegant recipe from chef Jesse McTavish.

Mackerel with Pil Pil on Olive Oil Rice
Chef Jesse Gerner puts a new spin on Thermomix risotto by emulsifying cooked rice with olive oil. It’s succulent and delicious and a great foil for poached fish.

Steamed Fish with Eggplant Miso
This recipe takes the classic Japanese combination of eggplant and miso and turns it into a sauce for steamed fish.

Chicken Tart – watch this now!
A few fun tricks come together in this freefrom tart: flavoured pastry, an easy pastry lattice and Thermomix shredded chicken among them.

Steamed Snapper, Heirloom Tomatoes and Burnt Butter Sauce
When chef Jesse McTavish told me he catches fish from his surfboard I knew I had to check it out. The snapper is then steamed in the Varoma and plated with a rustic tomato sauce and burnt butter emulsion.

Beef Rotolo
This rolled beef dish is easy enough to serve for a mid-week meal and pretty enough to present at a dinner party. Steak is rolled with pesto and steamed in the Varoma over stock, which is then the base for a mustard sauce.

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Steamed Orange Puddings with Almond Milk Ice Cream
Spilling with wholesome Spanish style, this easy dessert can be made ahead of time. Homemade almond milk stars in the puddings and their dairy-free ice cream accompaniment.

Chocolate Volcanos 
Call it a fondant, pudding, volcano, lava cake or just call it heavenly delicious – all you need to know about my Chocolate Volcanos is that they’re easy to make and remarkably delicious.

Passionfruit Dry Ice Sorbet
Take passionfruit deliciousness, add dry ice magic, end up with smooth, frozen freshness that has to be tasted to be believed. Join Gelato Messina’s Donato Toce and myself as we get a little bit mad scientist and a lot happy.

Choc Top 
Christy Tania leads us through part two of her dessert masterclass – and this Choc Top is the reward. You won’t believe that something so impressive appears from your own kitchen!

Granola Bars
So easy to make, this great snack has no nuts (nut-free-school friendly!). They’re wheat-free too and full of slow-release energy from oats and chia seeds. Importantly, they’re extra delicious because the sugar, honey and butter are cooked to a lightly caramelised base before the other ingredients are added.

Fortune Cookies – watch this now!
Making your own Fortune Cookies is just about the most fun you can have in the kitchen but it’s tricky unless you’ve seen it done. That’s why you need to watch this video before you create your own future in biscuit dough. 

Steamed Pecan Pie Puddings
In an effort to have more pecan pie in my life, I’ve taken the traditional pie 
flavours and magicked them into an easy steamed dessert using the Varoma. The compulsory stickiness of a traditional pie comes from mixing syrup and nuts and setting them in a pastry shell. In this recipe, the gooey maple syrup sauce does the same job.

Cherry Semifreddo
Christy Tania teaches us how to make semifreddo (‘half frozen’), a gorgeous no-churn Italian ice cream with a dreamy creamy mousse-like texture. And along the way, we learn so much about eggs, meringues and desserts in general. Christy is so generous with her knowledge that this video is something of a dessert masterclass.

Apricot Coconut Cobbler
An easy, delicious and fruit-filled dessert that can be changed to suit the season.

Double Chocolate Pretzel Cookies
These Double Chocolate Pretzel Cookies from chef Kylie Millar are super chocolatey with a savoury hit from the pretzels.

Chocolate Mousse Brownies
Think of these little squares of joy as a baked chocolate mousse, with separated eggs to give them a little air and no flour so we stay gluten free.

Chocolate Ravioli with Orange and Apricot Sauce
It’s pasta. And dessert. With chocolate. Plus liqueur! Suffice to say, chef Joseph Vargetto’s dish has all the good things going on. This playful recipe takes complementary ingredients – chocolate, apricot, orange and almond – and combines them in an impressive dish with texture and flavour aplenty.

Basque Cheesecake – watch this now!
As soon as I ate this cheesecake in the Spanish Basque country, I knew my mission: get the recipe and adapt it for Thermomix. Now that I’ve done so, my life is pretty much complete. Witness my bliss and create your own!

Elaine’s Chocolate Cake
If you have a birthday at world-famous Attica restaurant, you’ll be served Ben Shewry’s family treasured chocolate cake. But why wait? You can make it today from common pantry ingredients.

Carrot Layer Cake
This fun and indulgent carrot cake recipe is from Momofuku Milk Bar chef Christina Tosi – she’s an absolute legend and this spectacular cake is a fun project that also includes MILK CRUMBS, one of my fave things in the world.

Cucumber, Lime and Mint Dry Ice Sorbet
Thermomix lets you get a little bit ‘mad scientist’ with this refreshing, fizzy sorbet set using dry ice.

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